Chelsea must use Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola blueprint to ensure Thomas Tuchel legacy


This week it will be one year since Thomas Tuchel has managed Chelsea since coming in as a replacement for Frank Lampard. There’s no doubt that he’s done a tremendous job since being appointed. When thinking about the last time a manager did something like him in his first year Jose Mourinho comes to mind. Tuchel, in his first year, has managed to win the Champions League, Super Cup and take the team to a League Cup final.

Silverware is finally being competed for at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea has an experienced world-class manager who can build a serious legacy at the club. The only hiccup is - will he be given the time or transfer backing to do so? Notoriously under Roman Abramovich, few and far between managers have been given ample time beyond a year or two to really put their stamp at Chelsea, and you fear that Tuchel won’t be unique from this situation.

But just take a look at what Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola are doing north of the country. They’ve both established a meaningful long-term position at the club, with the opportunity to truly build their own legacy. Tuchel should be given the same opportunity. He needs to be more than just the coach. He should be given greater autonomy over transfers to be able to form a team with players he actually wants.

Sometimes it can feel like Tuchel is there to do the best with what he has. Don't get me wrong, Chelsea are very lucky to have a team full of depth and quality. But, wouldn't it be better for the coach to come in and think about who he would like to add. As a fanbase, you get a horrible feeling every time the side has a bad run, and the manager could be shown the exit sign very swiftly. We've seen it too often not to think that way.

But, thankfully, there's been a boost with their recent 2-0 victory over Tottenham, and the gulf in the gap between the two teams will reassure the side that they're still amongst the elite. Couple the likeability of Tuchel, his vision and ability to quickly change around Chelsea's fortunes for the better - he deserves a long-term future at this club to do the best he can for it.

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