“We expect that of ourselves” – Trent Alexander-Arnold sends Liverpool warning to Chelsea ahead of Carabao Cup final


Liverpool defender Trent-Alexander Arnold has stated that the Reds expect to win every final they contest ahead of their showdown with Chelsea in the EFL Cup final.

The England international spoke to the media ahead of his side's UEFA Champions League knockout tie with Inter Milan.

 He was asked whether the Liverpool players feel disappointed that they haven't won more trophies, considering their level of performance over the last few years. The 23-year-old replied:

"Partially, yeah. I'd say partially. We do not feel disappointed we haven't won enough trophies because we feel the ones we have won are the biggest and the best you can get your hands on.

"[I'm] not making any digs but you look at Man City's amazing team, they have not been able to win the Champions League. They've won a couple of Premier Leagues but they haven't been able to win a Champions League.

"We have won both over the last few years so it just shows that we are able to do it in both competitions.''

Alexander-Arnold also touched on the club's expectations of winning at least one trophy every season. He insisted that the Reds have moved past the phase of being content with just qualifying for a final. The Englishman explained:

"But I think there is an expectation now as a team, as players, to win trophies. One trophy, minimum, a season is what we need to be achieving. Next week we have the opportunity to go and grab that.

"With the squad we have got, with the team, the players, the manager, we should be winning trophies. We expect that of ourselves and if we don't, it is a massive disappointment. It's expected now.

"We are not in that phase now where we are happy just to get to finals and it is a little bit of a surprise and it's a day out. There is an expectation there now to build on and be doing it every season."

Chelsea and Liverpool will trade tackles in the final of the EFL Cup at Wembley on 27 February.

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