“End up like Manchester United” – Confirmed Chelsea FC bidder puts out impressive statement


One of Chelsea’s confirmed bidders out of a reported 30 odd, was immediately on point to release his official statement last night as soon as the deadline to submit offers closed. It was 9pm last night UK time when the last of the offers were allowed to come in, anything that did not make that deadline would not be considered.

Many of the parties are still unknown, but others have been quick to be vocal in confirming their offers as well as their intentions and plans for how they would run the club. Chelsea fan Nick Candy has managed to put together a last minute but very impressive consortium that includes two wealthy South Korean companies amongst other investors, and his £2bn offer is now on the table.

His statement that he released right after, will also be very popular with some Chelsea fans, with Candy saying all the right words. But is it all just clever PR? We may or may not soon find out!

“On the pitch and in the transfer market, it’s simple – follow the model.” Candy told SunSport. “It’s not failed us and it’s done really well. “The last 20 years have been brilliant on the pitch. We’ve played glorious football, won everything, and Roman has done an incredible job with his team.

“If I got hold of the club I wouldn’t change Bruce Buck and Marina Granovskaia. “And if they want to stay I would love them to stay. Why change something that is brilliant? “But I don’t think we should end up like Manchester United where we have one rich family that owns Chelsea and there should be a new benchmark of owning football clubs.

“Why does there have to be one rich family that the fans end up hating because they don’t invest? “It should be a global consortium of the best-in- class in every part of the world. “We have 100 million fans in China, over 80 million fans in India and over 70 million in southeast Asia.

“We have European and American fans so why doesn’t the consortium come from each continent? And that’s what I’ve tried to do with my bid. “We have a chance with Chelsea to put the fans heart and centre of the club. There is no club without the fans.

“In 100 years time there will still be fans whoever the owner is. We are just custodians of the club for a period of time – that is all we are.

“We can actually set the benchmark of how it is done, following the Tracey Crouch recommendations. We want to be the golden standard of how to do it

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