Kai Havertz passes tricky Thomas Tuchel test as Chelsea uncover promising Romelu Lukaku stat


Is it just me, or are Chelsea fans loving Kai Havertz more and more every passing day? I’m talking about a pure, sweet-loving connection.

 It’s more than enough being our Champions League final goal scorer and the hero of the Club World Cup, but his off-pitch statements have sent fans into an overwhelming state of admiration for him.

The German sure knows how to pull on the blue heartstrings of the masses. We don’t have many consistent goal scorers in the team at the moment, but Havertz is holding the torch for Chelsea forwards as it stands with his form.

Chelsea's highest goal scorer is now Havertz, with 11 goals and three assists. He is tied at the top with Romelu Lukaku, which is not bad for a second choice number 9.

 Both forwards have the numbers to put Chelsea fans at ease going into their upcoming fixtures. It doesn't look like anything to boast about on paper, but his recent games have been exemplary.

Before 2022, his goal tally was just four for the season. Since then, he has scored seven goals, six of which came in his last seven starts. There's a storm cooking up, and it's called hurricane Havertz.

 He's settled into the season, just as Chelsea faces a step forward into a new era. Nobody knows what there is to expect, but despite the changes, he is proving to withstand the most challenging test yet.

The test that only Thomas Tuchel has passed so far is the pressure from the media. As a result of the sanctions on Roman Abramovich, Chelsea can spend up to £20,000 on travel to or from fixtures. - Sounds like a lot, but not when you may need to hire planes to travel across Europe for Champions League fixtures.

In response, Havertz said, "I will pay, that's no problem. I think that's not a big deal for us. For us to come to the games is the most important thing. I think there are a lot of harder moments, harder things in the world right now than if we have to take a bus or plane to an away game. I will pay for it, no problem."

Following these comments, fans have praised the German for handling the media questions in his Champions League pre-match press conference.

Tuchel has faced the brunt end of the stick, spending the last few weeks being the club's spokesperson in the press. His exemplar "all in this together" attitude has beckoned him as Chelsea fans' all-time favourite manager.

Havertz is following in that trajectory. It won't be too long before Havertz is back on the scoresheet again, carrying all that pressure on his shoulders. He is a true blue, and he's shown it on and off the pitch.

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