What John Terry has done on Chelsea takeover deadline day amid Saudi Media's £2.7billion bid


Chelsea legends John Terry and Claire Rafferty are in the process of constructing their own consortium in an attempt to purchase a 10 per cent share from the new owners of the club.

With the 9pm deadline fast approaching for new bids to be submitted before a shortlist compromising of three to four consortia is made and decided by the Raine Group, a few of these groups will be scrambling together at the eleventh hour to try and submit their offers.

Whoever is to prove successful in their bid will have to appease to the fans, especially the Chelsea Supporters Trust, who are demanding like other supporters to see more fan representation at the club as the west Londoners prepare for a new era post-Roman Abramovich.

It was revealed by football.london that it would be down to the new owners instead of the government to give the supporters this so-called 'golden share' with Boris Johnson and co planning on not getting too heavily involved in the takeover process.

With no explicit emphasis on any new owner, with the exception of Nick Candy to have the fans at the heart of their pitch to follow on Abramovich's work, Terry and former Chelsea women's player Claire Rafferty are aiming to do something that will ensure that regardless of the new ownership structure, fans will play a big part in future decision making and day to day running of certain operations within the club.

As exclusively revealed by GOAL , the duo are fronting up a £250million ($329m) consortium called True Blue in an attempt to buy a 10 percent stake in the club. The report goes on to add that the pair are doing this because they won't be able to fund a full bid so must instead become involved in a wider deal involving UK, US or Saudi billionaires.

As part of this new consortium set up for the fans' benefit from Terry, Rafferty and the other numerous names mentioned in the report, if this was to turn out successful, it would cost around £100 to buy a stake in the newly former consortium, whilst the legendary centre-half is looking to offer the players and staff around the club valuable NFT tokens if True Blue were to be successful in purchasing their 10 percent share.

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