Tammy Abraham's enticing message must force Chelsea owners to abandon old ways for Broja success


Speaking with Alan Shearer, Tammy Abraham tells the world exactly how it felt in his final months as a Chelsea player. The England international was destined to become Didier Drogba's successor until Thomas Tuchel and the Chelsea board had other plans. However, he delves in-depth into the emotional aspect, a line in particular strikes as a slight warning for Chelsea's new owners.

We must leave old habits behind and avoid another situation where yet another player leaves the club and "spreads their wings". Abraham speaks about his time at Roma, his relationship with Jose Mourinho and his life at the end of Chelsea.

me"I've seen the likes of Kevin De Bruyne, Mohamed Salah, and Lukaku leave Chelsea and spread their wings. They're the best players in the world. For me, it's about doing the same thing," Abraham tells Shearer.

Tammy Abraham is the latest talent to have left Chelsea and continued to spread their wings in a different club. I don't think I could stomach another talented young prospect leaving Chelsea any time soon. There is a sort of protection around players such as Armando Broja and Conor Gallagher for this exact reason.

Both players are more than capable of becoming world-class talents in different clubs, but the Blues must leave their old habits behind. With the number of forwards in the current Chelsea team, how will Thoams Tuchel be able to keep Broja happy and ensure that he does not feel the same way as Abraham? The last thing we'd want is for the Albanian to uncover a need to leave the club in order to spread his own wings elsewhere.

Watching his performances for his surrogate club, Southampton, there is a beast of a forward there, and Tuchel has the key to unlock his full potential. But so do other managers such as Jose Mourinho, Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola, who have all done exactly that with former Chelsea players.

It's an unprecedented era that Chelsea is about to step into. Land of the unknown, forcing Blues fans to figure out what it is that they need the new owners to leave behind in the Roman Abramovich era. Sometimes it works for Chelsea, moving on from young talent that may or may not have full potential.

However, there have been several times that it has come around to haunt us. Tammy Abraham has sent a message to those wondering what life is like after Chelsea. We must do our best to ensure players like Broja do not follow suit.

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