Chelsea bids for Fofana “instantly rejected” due to £20m difference – but deal can still be saved


Chelsea are continuing to push to sign Wesley Fofana, but it seems there’s a very long way to go.

Ben Jacobs of CBS Sports has been close to the reporting on this, and he’s insisted that the teams are still “around £20m apart” in their valuations of the players.

Chelsea’s initial approaches has been so far away from what Leicester want (presumably around £80m) that they’ve been “near instantly rejected. That at least means we will reach a deal quickly, or give up entirely.

The only thing we’re not blessed with at this point is time, with the new season just days away. Chelsea assessing whether to make a bigger bid for Wesley Fofana.

As previously reported, clubs around £20m apart in valuation. Initial approaches have been near- instantly rejected. — Ben Jacobs (@JacobsBen) August 4, 2022

It’s impressive the number of moves that the Blues are making simultaneously at the moment, but none of them are higher priority than signing a centre back.

So until this deal is done or given up on, we can’t really relax. £20m is a big gap, but if we really want Fofana, it’s not too big to make happen.

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