Todd Boehly has risky Pep Guardiola reason not to sack Graham Potter at Chelsea amid new stance


Graham Potter is being afforded more time than many Chelsea managers in the past have been given as his side continue a run of form equal to their worst in 30 years. It sees the Blues teetering on the edge of the top half of the table.

The goalscoring numbers since October are as bad as any side in the entire football league whilst Blues fans have made their voices known against the current performances. Three defeats in a row, one to bottom of the league Southampton and another to fierce rivals Tottenham, has seen the line crossed. That is not yet the feeling from the new owners though who continue to stand by Potter at a time in which Roman Abramovich would have pulled the trigger on a sacking a long time before now.

Different times call for different measures though and there is continued patience in the camp. Chelsea's form is not without a host of mitigating factors from injury issues to an overbloated squad but there's only so far these things can carry Potter, who has admitted that he hasn't banked enough credit yet to be given free reign. Despite these factors the owners' resolve is being tested.

Potter is in the middle of what is expected to be a defining three game run with Leeds and Borussia Dortmund to come. They may well be two matches to save his job as pressure mounts and intensifies at Stamford Bridge. The Times report that it is more than just blind faith that is seeing him backed here though. The story of all managerial turnarounds is clear to see at the top of the table with Mikel Arteta and Arsenal, a man quoted by Potter as being an important example and yardstick for him to try and copy.

Arteta never went as low as two wins in 15 but the hope still remains for a sharp uplift. It is also said that the small matter of Pep Guardiola is playing its part too. The Spanish manager has praised Potter in the past and is an admirer of his work and the pathway he has chosen to tread throughout his career. Last month the Manchester City boss was clear and direct with his advice for Boehly.

“I’d say to Todd Boehly, give Graham Potter time,” Guardiola said. “Give him time. All the managers need time and he is right. At Barcelona, I didn’t need time for two seasons because I had Messi.”

 Potter obviously doesn't have that sort of way out but it's also not the first time Guardiola has come to his defences. It is, afterall, for his work at Brighton that Potter landed the Chelsea gig and that is another area that Guardiola was impressed by. 

"Brighton are a joy to watch, a joy to analyse," Guardiola said during a press conference last season. "At the same time, when you see them you are concerned about their quality.

"We [City] will need to be at the highest standards and level to compete against them. I’m absolutely a big fan of Graham Potter. "Everyone plays in their positions, the ball comes to the positions, players move with freedom and everyone knows what they have to do. They have the courage to play everywhere."

That is the ultimate goal at Stamford Bridge but Potter is struggling to get his methods across . Despite Guardiola's kind words the onus is now on Potter to produce and Boehly to hold his nerve.

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